Village Volunteers

Please read all the following documentation

Whilst none of us volunteered to get embroiled in yet more red-tape and so far everyone is being looked after by neighbours and friends, if we have cause to use the volunteer network officially, we need to make sure we are covered by insurance.  Please sign and return either via email or post a copy through my letter box at Old Grammar School.  If the whole thing puts you off and you no longer wish to volunteer, please let me know so I won’t be chasing you for paperwork.  The letter you have to sign is also the one you should keep a copy of when out collecting shopping or running errands, as it authorises you to do so.  This may become more important if the lockdown measures are increased.   Many thanks for being supportive of the village – I know our little network is appreciated even though it isn’t used much.

Privacy policy

Volunteer briefing

Indemnity form – please sign and return