By Julia Rowland

Mother swore not to go near a computer –

was afraid that some thief might just loot her. 

Now she’s all over Zoom,

the family’s over the moon

She now knows her mouse from her router!


By Neil McGreevy

I was locked down in France in a convent

With a nun and a war correspondent 

We challenged our brains

And played silly games

To avoid us becoming despondent 



By Mike & Sybil Hubbard

Sedgebrook bridge is the place to be
Looking like an inland sea
So let’s have a waddle
And there we will paddle
Then go back home for our tea


Here are all the other entries for you to enjoy!

There was an old farmer from Sedgebrook,

To his field he walked down for a quick look,

The lockdown allows,

Him to check on his cows,

And 2 meters he keeps from his sheep flock! 


By Andy Green – with apologies to any local farmers!

The Covid pandemic’s quite vexing

People’s lives it’s now complexing

It came from Wuhan

Taxing Boris, our Dewan

And it is all rather perplexing!


By Mike Hubbard

There was a young man from Sedgey

Whose hair was becoming quite hedgey

I’ll cut says she.

With scissors? Says he.

Now it’s looking decidedly dodgey


By Alan Cook

A couple in the village called Cook

Bought a house here purely by luck

It was a temporary measure

But to their great pleasure

They’ve stayed on for years in Sedgebrook   


By Alan Cook

On the green we’ll have some tea
A cake or two or maybe three
When summers here and it is fine
A glass or two, maybe wine?
But until we’ve had our jab
We’ll stay at home
And WhatsApp gab

By Mike & Sybil Hubbard

My dog is quite hip

Except when he takes a dip

He looks like a fool

When he jumps in the pool 

And reminds me of a sinking ship


By Jenny Adams

A message to all of the nation

Give Boris your cooperation 

Please stay in your home

And try not to roam 

To help slow the contamination 


By Neil McGreevy 

Now here is an everyday task

Please cover your face with a mask

Protect your resistance

Maintain social distance

It’s really not that much to ask


By Neil McGreevy

If everyone did what was needed 

The first lockdown could have succeeded 

Just a few simple steps

Would have taken effect

And the virus just might have receded


By Neil McGreevy

There was a young woman from Swaffam

Who took of her Knickers to wash em

Her mother said Jane, put them back on again

Or someone will see your fat bottom


By Shaun McBride’s Dad!

This was a judge’s fave but as it isn’t an original work we couldn’t award it a prize – but we appreciated its humour nevertheless!

There once was a judge so upright

He stood up against the King’s might

The judge would not budge

The King sacked the judge

Who then home to Sedgebrook took flight!


By Elisabeth Carnell – Sedgebrook History Group


There once was a Lord at the Hall

Who from the King’s bench he did fall

For justice and truth

He prayed in his booth

For ten years he lived there an’ all!


By Elisabeth Carnell – Sedgebrook History Society