Something for the Weekend?

Is a weekly lockdown challenge with a different theme each week – shown below are some of the results!

Challenge 4 – Matchbox Challenge

How many items you can fit into a matchbox?

 Doesn’t matter what size your box is, we will sort out categories according to entries – and if you don’t have a matchbox, choose something of a similar size. Each item must be individual (no multiples) and visible to the naked eye (no viruses!) and you have to be able to shut the box when you’re done. Send a picture of your matchbox items and maybe a list or total to back up your claims and we will see who manages to be the most creative! Entries by 5pm Monday please. As ever, there is no winner’s prize, just fame throughout Sedgebrook and your name in lights on the website – good luck!

Our second challenge for the weekend is to take part in the RSPB Great British Birdwatch.  Check out full details on the RSPB website.


Challenge 3 – Lockdown Limericks

The challenge this week was to write a Lockdown Limerick.  There was no theme at all – anything goes! As well as limericks, we had some creative poetry and great words of advice. The entries will all be listed below and they have all been put forward to be judged by a panel of experts (ok so a friend with an English degree and who doesn’t know anyone who entered!)


Challenge 2 – Tin Foil Sculpture

Hopefully you have managed to acquire your roll of tin foil, so this weekend your challenge is to create a tin foil sculpture. You must use only foil – no props and no supporting structures permitted! The theme of the sculpture is Sport.  Absolutely anything to do with sport – can be as simple as a ball or as complex as the FA cup final replay. The world of sport is your oyster.  Entries by 5pm Monday and results will be emailed and displayed below. Have fun!

Challenge 1 – Scavenger Hunt

To find and photograph the following:

  1. Something that has 4 legs but cannot walk
  2. Something that has a spine but not a face
  3. Something that can only be eaten when it’s broken
  4. Something that fastens with laces or buckles
  5. Something to keep your head warm


1st Ian and Sue Pykett – even used Ian’s first shoes!

2nd Ian and Gaynor McKay – just for getting a glass of wine in there somewhere.

3rd Lynne Robson – with bonus points for drawing a face on her egg!