Tim Nuttall

It is with great sadness that we announce the passing of Timothy John Nuttall.

Tim led an extraordinary life, serving as a nurse in the Army for 22 years, before working for numerous organisations, including Harrods and Fulham Football Club. Perhaps the biggest impact he had was in his work as a volunteer prehospital care nurse for LIVES, devoting much of his spare time to helping others in need.

He also influenced many through his teaching role at BASICS, even playing an important part in establishing the current incarnation of the Cypriot ambulance service! Tim’s work with the Event Medicine Company (which he co-founded) saw him provide vital medical assistance at a range of events, including airshows across the country, the 2014 NATO summit in Newport, and the 2018 European Championships in Glasgow. Throughout the pandemic, whilst most of us were locked down at home, Tim was worked tirelessly at the vaccination centre in Grantham, contributing to the fight against Covid-19.

Above all, Tim was devoted to his family, and is survived by his adoring wife Kiki (to whom he was happily married for fifteen years) and son Robert, both of whom loved him deeply.

Tim died at home on Sunday 23rd October aged 65, surrounded by his family and beloved pets. He leaves behind a giant hole in all our lives, and in the wider medical community, both in the UK and around the world. We take enormous comfort in knowing that his legacy can be found in the countless lives he saved in emergency pre-hospital care and the many he influenced as a teacher and guide.

Rest in peace Tim. You are irreplaceable.

Funeral Arrangements

Funeral is arranged for Wednesday 16th November at 12:30 at Grantham Crematorium and afterwards at the Olde Barn Hotel at Marston – all welcome.

If you would like to share your memories of Tim, or leave a message for Kiki and Rob, please use the comments section below…


  1. Tim will be sorely missed in the village. He was a true gem and incredibly generous with his time and expertise. Our thoughts are with Kiki and Rob at this saddest of times.

  2. I have been on the receiving end of the fantastic work that Tim did within LIVES and worked a long side him as a volunteer screener at the vaccination hub, he was what one expected from a nurse professional efficient reassuring and above all kind Rest in peace Tim lots of love and condolences to Kiki and Robert

  3. We only met Tim for medical reasons but he was very kind & caring whilst still being professional. He will be missed in the village as a medic and as a friend to those who knew him well. Thoughts are with Kiki & Robert.

  4. Tim was a gent, a good neighbor and an unrelenting hero. His commitment to medical service including his volunteering in emergency situations and during the Covid pandemic demonstrated his selflessness. He was also a much loved husband and father. We were very sad to hear of his untimely passing. We will miss seeing him about particularly when he was relaxing and walking his beloved dogs. Rest in peace Tim. Condolences to Kiki and Rob. X

  5. Funeral is arranged for Wednesday 16th November at 12:30 at Grantham Crematorium and afterwards at the Olde Barn Hotel at Marston

  6. I first met Tim shortly after I moved to Sedgebrook and started some volunteer shifts at the Meres. I have a nursing desk job now. Working with Tim re-connected me with the camaraderie, teamwork fun and laughter of nursing. We spoke about health being like a village and everyone has a mutual colleague. It was my friend Amy who told me of Tim’s death as she had worked with Tim and Kiki in event healthcare.
    We also found we both had another village in common, Sedgebrook, and would always wave to one another when out and about.
    Tim made a difference, to those he met for a minute or two, being asked to ‘put your arms like a teapot’ to receive a vaccination; to the countless lives saved as part of his work with LIVES and to those who knew him in both “villages” – healthcare and Sedgebrook.

    He simply was ‘one of the best’.


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